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Concluding a 'Why Us' Essay

I'm writing my college application essays and wanted some advice. What's the best way to wrap up a 'Why Us' essay effectively? I don't want it to sound generic, but I'm struggling to find a good way to end it.

6 months ago

It's important to leave a lasting impression with your 'Why Us' essay, as this helps reinforce your genuine interest in the school. While there is no one, perfect way to do it, you might want to try some of these techniques.

1. Call back to your introduction: Reference an idea or theme from your introduction to create a full circle effect. This will help tie your whole essay together and bring it to a satisfying closure.

2. Show personal growth or connection: Demonstrate how much you have grown and how you are now prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities of college life.

3. Look to the future: Briefly discuss how you envision yourself at the college. Mention your goals, aspirations, or how you believe the school will contribute to your success. This can range from academic goals to extracurricular or professional ambitions.

4. Be concise and direct: A strong conclusion doesn't need to be lengthy. In just a few sentences, restate your main reasons or themes for wanting to attend the college, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

Here's an example of an effective conclusion for a 'Why Us' essay:

"Ultimately, I believe that attending [College Name] will not only provide me with the academic rigor and resources necessary to excel in my field, but also expose me to a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters personal growth and meaningful connections. As an active member of the [Specific Club or Program], I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and collaborations with my peers, challenging myself academically, and becoming an integral part of the [College Name] community. I am eager to contribute my unique perspectives and experiences, and continue my journey of growth and discovery at [College Name]."

With this conclusion, you're able to reiterate your reasons for choosing the college, demonstrate your eagerness to contribute to the community, and leave a memorable final impression.

6 months ago

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