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Ideas for High School Research Questions

I want to start a research project for one of my classes, but I'm struggling to find a good topic. Can anyone share some interesting research questions that I could explore in a high school setting?

6 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to help! The best topics are usually those that interest you and are related to the subjects you're passionate about. Here are some research questions across different disciplines that you could consider:

1. Science:

- How do different types of plastics affect the rate of biodegradation?

- What factors impact the efficiency of solar cells?

- How can genetically modified organisms (GMOs) contribute to solving global food scarcity issues?

2. Environmental Studies:

- How effective are urban green spaces in reducing air pollution levels?

- How do local water quality issues affect ecosystems and human health?

- How effective are recycling programs in various communities?

3. Social Science/Psychology:

- How does social media usage affect mental health in teenagers?

- What factors contribute to educational achievement gaps?

- How do cultural differences impact communication styles?

4. History/Political Science:

- Analyzing the effects of historical events on current public policy

- How have social movements evolved over time, and what factors contribute to their success?

- Comparing global political systems and their effects on human rights issues

5. Arts/Literature:

- Examining the role of women in literary works throughout history

- How does symbolism in art change across different cultures and time periods?

- Exploring the impact of technological advancements on the evolution of film and cinema

While these research questions are just a starting point, you might want to tailor them to your own interests and knowledge base. Remember to choose a topic that genuinely interests you, as that enthusiasm will show in your work and make the research process more enjoyable. Good luck with your project!

6 months ago

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