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AP courses during summer break?

Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to take AP courses over the summer? I'm trying to fit in more classes for next year, but my schedule is already packed.

6 months ago

Yes, it is possible to take AP courses over the summer, but the availability and format may vary depending on your location and school. Some schools and local community colleges offer summer AP courses, which allow you to complete the coursework and prepare for the AP exam in a condensed time frame. These summer courses are usually more intensive, with daily classes, and may span several weeks.

Another option is to consider taking AP courses online. There are numerous accredited online platforms, such as Apex Learning or Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, offering a variety of AP courses with flexible schedules. You'll still need to dedicate a significant amount of time to complete the coursework, but the online format might align better with your summer plans.

Before enrolling in any summer AP course, consult with your school counselor to make sure the course will be recognized for credit by your high school, and verify when you'll be able to take the respective AP exam. AP exams are usually administered in May, so you'll want to ensure you maintain your knowledge of the material throughout the year.

6 months ago

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