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Does USC send likely letters?

Hey all, I've been hearing about people receiving likely letters from some colleges. I'm applying to USC and was wondering if they also send likely letters? When would they usually send them?

6 months ago

USC does not typically send likely letters. Generally, colleges that use likely letters are more selective in their admissions, and they send these letters to notify exceptional applicants of their high likelihood of acceptance before official decisions are released. This practice helps increase the yield rate – the percentage of accepted students who ultimately enroll – as it allows a particular institution to show top-tier applicants that they're especially invested in them.

If USC were to send likely letters, they would likely come in late February or early March. So, if USC were to change their policy on likely letters, that's when you would receive one. But keep in mind that, even at schools known for sending likely letters, most accepted students don't get one, so there's no need to stress if you don't.

At USC, though, historically you don't need to worry about likely letters one way or another. So, just hang tight and wait for USC's official decision day. Fingers crossed for you!

6 months ago

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