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Finding college essay review services?

Hey guys, I'm starting to work on my college essays. Does anyone have recommendations for college essay review services near me or even online? I'd really appreciate some guidance on this matter, as I want my essay to stand out!

6 months ago

Hello! here are a number of college essay review services that can provide useful feedback, both in-person and online.

1. CollegeVine is an online platform that offers both free peer essay reviews and paid reviews by expert college admissions advisors. You can submit your essay and receive feedback on content, structure, grammar, and anything else you specifically request feedback on within a few days.

2. Local writing centers or tutoring facilities might offer in-person essay review services. You can search for writing centers near your location and inquire if they offer college essay reviews. Additionally, if your high school has a writing center or resource, you may be able to utilize their services for essay help.

3. Private admissions counselors can also review and critique your essay. Although this option can be expensive, it often provides the most personalized guidance throughout the application process.

4. Lastly, online forums and websites such as Reddit or College Confidential allow you to post your essay and receive feedback from other students and adults. Just keep in mind that reviews on these platforms can vary significantly in quality, and be cautious about posting personal information.

Regardless of which service you choose, remember to carefully consider the feedback you receive, and stay true to your voice and story throughout the revision process - reviewers always mean well, but ultimately what matters most is that you feel your essay reflects who you truly are, so have confidence to reject advice that you don't feel helps with that. Good luck with your essays!

6 months ago

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