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Physics as a Math Credit?

Hey everyone, quick question - does taking a physics course count as a math credit? In other words, will it fulfill the math requirement for college admissions, or should I take another math class in addition to physics?

6 months ago

Hello! While physics is a science that heavily involves math concepts, it is not considered a math course and typically does not count as a math credit. Physics falls under the "natural science" category, and will help fulfill the science requirements for college admissions.

For math requirements, admissions usually look for courses like Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, or Statistics. The specific math requirements vary depending on the college and the program you're applying to, so it's essential to research the colleges you're interested in and their expectations.

In short, taking a physics course is excellent for fulfilling science requirements and demonstrating your ability to handle the rigor of high-level STEM courses. However, you will almost definitely need to take a separate math class in addition to physics to meet the math requirements of most college admissions.

I hope this helps clear up your confusion!

6 months ago

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