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Need-based financial aid at different schools

Does anyone have experience with need-based financial aid at various schools? I'm curious if some colleges might be more generous than others. Would love to hear your stories and advice on this!

6 months ago

I can definitely provide some insight on need-based financial aid at different schools! Keep in mind that each college has its own way of determining financial aid packages and allocating funds.

Generally, private colleges and universities with large endowments are known for their generous need-based financial aid. Ivy League schools, as well as other highly-ranked and well-funded institutions, often have strong commitments to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need, which ensures that students can attend without taking on excessive student loan debt. Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton are great examples of such schools that not only meet 100% of demonstrated need but also have a "no-loans" policy, replacing loans with grants for low-income families.

Public institutions, on the other hand, might have less funding available for financial aid since their operating budgets come from state legislatures and taxpayers. However, certain state schools (like the University of Virginia and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) have made commitments to meet 100% of demonstrated need, making them exceptions to the general trend.

To get a sense of which schools offer more generous financial aid packages, I recommend researching and comparing their financial aid policies and looking into net price calculators available on each school's website. These tools can provide personalized estimates of the total cost of attendance, considering both the cost of tuition and the financial aid package you're likely to receive. Additionally, ask current students at the schools you're interested in for their experiences with financial aid as this can give you a more realistic insight into the process.

Remember that these aid packages will depend on your family's income, assets, and other factors, so your experience may differ from others'. It's crucial to cast a wider net and apply to a diverse set of schools to maximize your chances of receiving an affordable financial aid package.

Good luck with your college search and financial aid journey!

6 months ago

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