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What are some easy gen ed classes to take in college?

Hey there, I'm trying to plan out my college schedule, and I'd like to know which types of gen ed classes tend to be on the easier side. Any recommendations for courses that could help me balance out my more challenging major classes?

6 months ago

Hello! When thinking about easy gen ed classes to balance your schedule, keep in mind that this varies from college to college and individual preferences. However, here are some general suggestions that are often considered less demanding:

1. Intro to Psychology: This course typically covers basic psychological concepts and theories, offering an accessible introduction to the subject. It often includes interesting case studies and requires minimal prerequisites.

2. Art or Music Appreciation: Courses like these focus on understanding and appreciating various art forms, which can be a nice break from typical academic subjects. These courses often don't have heavy workloads or tests, and can be enjoyable for students with an interest in the arts.

3. Public Speaking or Communication: These classes aim to develop your presentation and communication skills, which can be helpful for any major. They're usually interactive, with hands-on activities and projects, and can be low-stress for many students.

4. Anthropology or Sociology: Introductory courses in these subjects give you a broad understanding of human societies and cultures. Many students find these courses engaging, as they explore topics related to real-life issues and global experiences.

5. Astronomy: If you have an interest in space, an introductory astronomy course can be a fun way to fulfill a science requirement without getting too deep into complex concepts or equations. You'll generally study stars, planets, and celestial phenomena, which can be more approachable than some other science topics.

6. Physical Education or Recreation: Many colleges require a physical education component for gen ed requirements. These classes can provide a break from coursework and encourage physical activity. Examples include swimming, dance, yoga, or even unconventional activities like rock climbing or archery.

Remember that "easy" is subjective, and what works for one student may not for another. Take a moment to examine your own strengths and interests when choosing gen ed courses to ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable academic experience. Good luck with your college schedule planning!

6 months ago

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