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OSU Eminence Scholarship Essay Tips?

Hello! I'm planning on applying for the Eminence Scholarship at Ohio State University. I know it's highly competitive, so I was wondering if anyone who's applied before or received the scholarship could share some tips for writing a strong essay. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

6 months ago

Hello! Congratulations on taking the initiative to apply for the Eminence Scholarship at Ohio State University. Writing an outstanding essay will indeed enhance your chances of being considered for this prestigious award. Here are some suggestions to help you craft an essay that leaves a lasting impression on the selection committee:

1. Understand the scholarship's mission and values: Study the objectives of the Eminence Scholarship Program and OSU's core values. Align your essay with these objectives and values to demonstrate your compatibility with the program. Express how you have embodied these values in the past and how you plan to continue doing so in the future at OSU.

2. Share your unique story and experiences: Your essay should communicate who you are and what makes you distinct from other candidates. Emphasize your personal background, significant achievements, contributions to your community, and hardships you have overcome. Provide insightful anecdotes or specific experiences to illustrate your personality and character.

3. Clearly articulate future goals: Explain your long-term aspirations, and detail how receiving the Eminence Scholarship will support these goals. Show the impact you intend to make at OSU and the broader community during your time as a student and as a future alumnus.

4. Demonstrate your potential for leadership: The Eminence Scholarship seeks individuals with outstanding leadership skills and potential. Highlight examples of how you've exemplified leadership in your academic, extracurricular, or personal life. Discuss how you plan to grow as a leader and positively impact OSU and its community.

5. Craft an engaging and well-structured narrative: Engage your reader with an intriguing introduction, followed by a cohesive narrative that conveys your message effectively. Ensure your sentences flow smoothly, and eliminate any redundancy. Edit your essay multiple times and ask for feedback from friends, family, or mentors to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your writing.

Remember to be authentic and honest in your essay, as well as be concise and focused on the topic at hand. Good luck with your application, and I wish you the best on your Eminence Scholarship endeavor!

6 months ago

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