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Fee waiver signature process?

Hey, I'm applying for a fee waiver, and I was wondering who's supposed to sign it? Is it just me, or do I need a school official's signature as well? I just wanna make sure I do it right.

6 months ago

Hello! When applying for a fee waiver, you'll typically need to have both your signature and a school official's signature on the form. The school official's signature is important because it verifies your eligibility for the fee waiver based on your financial need or other qualifying criteria. This official can be a high school counselor, principal, or another designated authority at your school.

Make sure to fill out the fee waiver form completely and accurately to avoid any delays in processing your application. Also, check the deadlines and requirements for each college you're applying to, as they may have specific instructions for submitting fee waivers. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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