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How to handle the race options on the Common App?

Hey all, I'm a little confused about the race options on the Common App. If I identify with more than one race, which box should I check? Should I check all the races I identify with or just the one I feel is most important to me? Thanks for your help in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! It's completely understandable to be unsure about this part of the application process. When it comes to indicating your race on the Common App, you have the option to check multiple boxes if you identify with more than one race. In this case, it's generally advised to select all the races you genuinely identify with to give the readers of your application a better understanding of your background.

It's important to be honest in your application and represent your true racial and ethnic identity. Keep in mind that sharing your unique background and experiences can help enrich the diversity of the college community. Feel free to use the "additional information" section of the Common App or your essays if you'd like to provide further context about your racial identity or explain aspects that you believe are particularly significant to you.

6 months ago

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