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When do May SAT Scores come out?

Hey guys! I just took the May SAT and I'm anxiously waiting for my scores. Can anyone tell me when we should expect them to be released? I can't seem to find any official info on College Board's website.

6 months ago

Hey! I can understand the anticipation of waiting for your SAT scores. Usually, for the May SAT, scores begin to be released around 13 days after the test date. So, if you took the SAT on a Saturday in May, you can expect your multiple-choice scores to be available online around the second Friday after the test.

Keep in mind that you may not see your scores as soon as the release window opens, as they can be released on a rolling basis throughout that day or over the next few days. In the case of SAT tests with the Essay section, you may have to wait a little longer for your essay score, which might come out a few days after the multiple-choice scores.

Make sure to keep checking your College Board account for updates, and best of luck with your scores!

6 months ago

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