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Pre-college business programs recommendations?

Hey everyone, I'm a high school junior interested in business. Do you know of any reputable pre-college business programs that I could participate in to learn more about this field? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hey! It's great to see your interest in the business field. There are several reputable pre-college business programs that you can consider to gain more exposure and enhance your skills.

1. Wharton Summer High School Programs (University of Pennsylvania): These programs include the Wharton Leadership in the Business World, the Wharton Moneyball Academy, and the Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program. All of them provide hands-on experience in various aspects of business and collaboration opportunities with other students passionate about business.

2. LEAD Business Institutes: LEAD offers summer business programs for high school students at various prestigious universities such as UChicago, Northwestern, and Duke. These programs focus on leadership and business education, exposing participants to campus life and providing real-world business experiences.

3. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes: Stanford offers pre-collegiate summer programs that cover various topics, including finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. These prestigious programs have an application process that requires recommendations, essays, and a review of your academic background.

4. Harvard Summer School: Harvard offers a Secondary School Program where high school students can choose from over 100 courses. This includes diverse offerings in the business field such as economics, management, and marketing, all taught by experienced Harvard faculty.

5. Cornell Summer College: Cornell University's Precollege Program provides an array of options for students interested in business. These classes are credit-bearing and taught by Cornell's experienced faculty.

While researching the programs mentioned above, make sure to check their application deadlines, requirements, costs, and any available scholarships or financial aid.

Additionally, consider gaining hands-on experience in the business world through internships or by joining relevant clubs at your school or in your local community. This combination of practical experience and exposure to established programs can be beneficial for both your business knowledge and college applications.

Good luck with your business journey!

6 months ago

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