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ACT Test Requirement

Do all colleges require the ACT? I know that some schools have gone test-optional recently, but I'm not sure if the ACT is still a mandatory part of the application process for most schools.

6 months ago

Not all colleges require the ACT, as many have shifted towards test-optional policies, especially in recent years. Test-optional means that submitting your ACT (or SAT) scores is not mandatory, allowing you to decide whether you want to submit them as part of your application. However, some colleges still maintain test-required policies (where submitting the ACT or SAT is necessary), but they are not as common.

Additionally, some colleges may be test-flexible, meaning that they'll consider multiple standardized testing options like SAT Subject Tests, AP exams, and IB scores as alternatives to the ACT or SAT, if you feel those best represent your abilities.

It's essential to research the specific requirements for each college on your list because each institution will have its individual testing policy. You can typically find this information on the college's admissions website or contact their admissions office to ask for clarification regarding their testing policy.

In any case, even if a college is test-optional, strong test scores can still help to strengthen your application if you choose to submit them. Your decision to submit or withhold test scores will depend on your personal circumstances, the strength of the rest of your application, and the context of the average test scores at the colleges you're targeting.

6 months ago

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