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Math and science summer camp recommendations

Anyone know some good math and science summer camps I could attend? I'm looking to strengthen my skills and have a memorable experience over the summer!

6 months ago

I'd be happy to recommend a few math and science summer camps that you might enjoy!

1. MathPath: MathPath is a highly-selective camp held at various college campuses for students in grades 6-8 who excel in math. You'll be surrounded by like-minded peers and can explore various branches of mathematics via small-group classes, guest lectures, and problem-solving sessions.

2. PROMYS: The Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists is hosted by Boston University and serves high school students. This six-week program emphasizes number theory, with a focus on creative problem-solving and discovering mathematical patterns. You'll work with professional mathematicians and gain exposure to advanced mathematical concepts.

3. Ross Mathematics Program: This is an intensive, eight-week residential program for high school students with a strong interest in mathematics. It mainly focuses on number theory, providing a challenging and immersive experience. Participants collaborate on problem sets, attend lectures, and engage with faculty in a supportive and encouraging environment.

4. MIT's Research Science Institute (RSI): Although highly competitive, RSI is a prestigious six-week summer program open to high school juniors. It offers opportunities to conduct hands-on research in math, science, and engineering under the guidance of MIT researchers and other professionals. This program helps to develop your research and critical thinking skills.

5. iD Tech Camps: These camps offer a range of tech-related subjects, including coding, game development, robotics, and AI. Held at various college campuses, iD Tech Camps are open to students aged 7-19. You can choose from one- or two-week programs based on your age and interests.

These are just a few options to consider, so I'd recommend researching further to find the program that's the best fit for your interests and skill level. Application deadlines and fees may vary, so be sure to check the camps' websites for the most up-to-date information. Many programs also offer financial aid, so don't hesitate to explore those opportunities. Have a great summer!

6 months ago

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