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Ahh, Waitlisted Everywhere! What's Happening?

So, I've been waitlisted at several colleges I was really interested in and I can't figure out why. My stats are pretty solid, I thought. Has anyone else been getting waitlisted a lot too? Any advice or ideas on why it's happening?

6 months ago

It's frustrating to be waitlisted at multiple colleges, especially when you feel you have strong stats. There can be several reasons for being waitlisted, and sometimes it's not about your academic qualifications. Here are a few possible factors:

1. Competitive applicant pool: The colleges you applied to might have had an especially competitive applicant pool this year, resulting in many qualified candidates being waitlisted. Remember that admissions can be a bit unpredictable, and even strong candidates might end up waitlisted at their top choices.

2. Yield protection: Some colleges may waitlist strong candidates they think are likely to be accepted elsewhere, in order to protect their yield rate (the percentage of accepted students who enroll). Essentially, the college may believe you have plenty of other options, and so they waitlist you instead of admitting you outright.

3. Demonstrated interest: Colleges like to admit students who are likely to attend. If you didn't express interest in the college (by attending events, contacting them, or visiting the campus), they might have waitlisted you because they weren't sure about your likelihood of enrolling.

4. Fit with the college: Each college looks for students who they believe will fit well with their institution and bring a unique perspective. Although your academic record might be strong, there could be other factors that they felt were not as well suited for their school.

Now, what can you do if you're waitlisted?

1. Update the college with any new information since you submitted your application, such as improved grades, awards, or new extracurricular activities.

2. Write a letter of continued interest. This is an opportunity for you to express your enthusiasm for the college and reinforce why you would be a great addition to the campus community.

3. Keep in touch with the admissions office, but don't overdo it. Regular but respectful communication can show your genuine interest.

4. Prepare an alternative plan. Being waitlisted is uncertain, and it's important to have a backup plan in case you don't get in. This could mean accepting a spot at another college or considering a gap year.

It's important to remember that being waitlisted does not mean rejection. Stay optimistic and proactive, and remember that your future success is not defined by the college you attend. Good luck!

6 months ago

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