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Recommended majors for a future ob/gyn?

Hey everyone, I know I want to become an ob/gyn one day, but I'm not sure which major would be best in undergrad. Should I just stick with biology, or are there other majors that would better prepare me for this field?

6 months ago

Hey! It's great that you already have a specific goal in mind. While a Biology major is undoubtedly a popular choice for students pursuing careers in medicine, there are other options that could still prepare you well for a future in ob/gyn.

Firstly, consider majors like Biochemistry, Human Biology, or Physiology, as these offer more focused coursework in areas related to human health and reproduction. You'd gain a deeper understanding of the body's systems and molecular processes, which would be relevant to your future studies. Alternatively, you could explore majors in Women's & Gender Studies or Public Health. These would give you broader perspectives on women's health, social issues, and public health policies, which might help you better understand the patient population you plan to serve as an ob/gyn.

Regardless of which major you choose, you'll also need to complete the prerequisite coursework for medical school. These typically include general and organic chemistry, biology, physics, and possibly calculus and biochemistry. As long as you fulfill those requirements, medical schools tend to be open to applicants from diverse academic backgrounds.

Ultimately, choose a major that resonates with your interests and aptitudes. Being passionate about your undergrad studies will make it easier to excel academically, which can positively impact your chances for medical school admission. Good luck!

6 months ago

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