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What is the meaning of 'preferred admission'?

I've seen the term 'preferred admission' thrown around in college application discussions. What does it mean, and how does it differ from regular admissions? Will it benefit me in any way?

6 months ago

Preferred admission is a type of early admissions process offered by some colleges and universities. It's different from regular admissions in that it typically provides a higher chance of acceptance for qualified applicants. Preferred admission is usually aimed at students who demonstrate a strong interest in a specific major or program at a particular school.

When you apply for preferred admission, your application is reviewed earlier and more favorably than those applying through the regular admission process. This is because schools offering preferred admission are looking to fill their limited seats for specific programs or majors with students who are genuinely interested in them. In essence, preferred admission benefits both the school (by attracting focused, committed students) and the student (by increasing their chances of acceptance).

It's essential to understand that requirements for preferred admission can vary from one school to another. Some institutions might require additional application materials, such as a separate essay or portfolio submission, while others might stipulate a specific application deadline or a binding agreement to enroll if accepted. Furthermore, while preferred admission can increase your chances of acceptance, it's not a guarantee that you'll be admitted into the program for which you're applying.

If you're truly passionate about a particular major or program and the colleges you're considering offer preferred admission, it may be a worthwhile option for you to explore. However, ensure you thoroughly research the requirements and any potential downsides, like having to commit to attending, before making your decision.

6 months ago

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