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Speech and Debate as an Extracurricular for College

Hey all! I'm currently a junior and have recently joined my school's Speech and Debate team. Does anyone know if participating in this extracurricular activity will look good on my college apps? Are colleges impressed with speech and debate experience?

6 months ago

Hello! Joining your school's Speech and Debate team can definitely be a valuable extracurricular for your college applications. Colleges do appreciate students who are involved in activities like Speech and Debate, as it showcases skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, research, and effective communication.

The impact of your Speech and Debate participation on your application will generally depend on the level of achievement and commitment you demonstrate. If, for example, you become a team leader, win regional or state-level competitions, or qualify for and compete in national tournaments, this will place you in a higher tier of extracurricular activities and could make you stand out even more. Additionally, your involvement throughout the years demonstrates commitment and growth, which colleges value.

Aside from achieving at a high level, it's also important to connect your Speech and Debate experience with other aspects of your application, such as your essays or letters of recommendation, to demonstrate how it has shaped your character, interests, or future goals.

Overall, participating in Speech and Debate can be a solid addition to your college application, especially if you can showcase leadership, achievement, and a deep commitment to the activity. Good luck, and enjoy your time on the team!

6 months ago

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