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Does Mount Holyoke offer merit scholarships?

Hi guys, I've been looking into Mount Holyoke and want to know if they offer merit scholarships? If so, how competitive are they and what criteria do they consider? Thanks for any insight!

6 months ago

Hi there! Yes, Mount Holyoke does offer merit scholarships. They have a variety of scholarships available, and you'll automatically be considered for many when you apply for admission. Some of the key merit scholarships at Mount Holyoke are the 21st Century Scholarship, the Trustee Scholarship, the Frances Perkins Scholarship (for non-traditional aged students), and the Laurel Fellowship (for study abroad).

These scholarships are quite competitive, as they're awarded to exceptional students who demonstrate impressive academic and extracurricular achievements. Recipients tend to be top applicants in their admission pool. The specific criteria for each scholarship may vary, but generally, they'll look at factors such as GPA, rigor of high school coursework, leadership qualities, extracurricular involvement, and other factors that demonstrate a student's potential for success.

While the exact competitiveness of each scholarship is difficult to quantify, keep in mind that Mount Holyoke is a selective school and there will be many high-achieving students applying. Therefore, it's important to present a strong application that highlights your academic and extracurricular strengths as well as your personal qualities. If you're interested in any specific scholarships, make sure to research their unique requirements and tailor your application accordingly.

Good luck with your application to Mount Holyoke, and I hope you find this information helpful!

6 months ago

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