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Determining the score needed on my final exam to maintain a certain grade?

Has anyone found a good method or resource for calculating the score I need on a final exam to keep my grade at a specific level? I'm trying to plan my study schedule and focus on the most important subjects first.

6 months ago

Determining the score you need on your final exam to maintain a certain grade can be done using a simple weighted average formula. First, you'll need to find out the weighting of your final exam compared to your other coursework (e.g., homework, quizzes, midterm exams). Usually, this information can be found in your course syllabus or obtained from your instructor.

Once you have that information, you can calculate your desired final grade using the following formula:

Desired Final Grade = (Current Course Grade (1 - Final Exam Weight)) + (Final Exam Score Final Exam Weight)

You can then rearrange the formula to find the needed Final Exam Score:

Final Exam Score = (Desired Final Grade - (Current Course Grade (1 - Final Exam Weight))) / Final Exam Weight

For example, let's say your current course grade is 85%, the final exam weight is 40%, and you want to maintain a final grade of 90%:

Final Exam Score = (90 - (85 (1 - 0.4))) / 0.4 = 107.5

In this case, you would need to score 107.5% on your final exam to maintain a 90% grade, which might be unrealistic. Adjust your desired final grade accordingly to find a more achievable target.

If you prefer a more user-friendly solution, there are several online grade calculators available that can help you determine the score you need on your final exam. One popular option is the RogerHub Final Grade Calculator. Your teachers also might be able to provide you with this information directly.

Good luck on your final exams!

6 months ago

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