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What happens during high school detention?

Hey guys, I've never been in detention before, and I just got one for being late to class twice. Can anyone tell me what actually happens during high school detention? I'm a bit stressed about it!

6 months ago

Hey there! No need to stress too much about detention. While it may vary from school to school, generally, detention involves spending a set amount of time (usually around 30 minutes to 1 hour) after school or during lunch in a designated room under the supervision of a teacher or staff member. This time is usually spent quietly working on homework, projects, or studying for upcoming tests. Some schools may require you to complete some form of school-related work, while others will let you use the time productively for your own needs.

The main purpose of detention is to serve as a consequence for not following school rules and to encourage better behavior in the future. Just ensure that you're on time for detention, follow any rules set during the detention period, and use this as a learning opportunity to improve your punctuality moving forward. Remember, detention is not a major issue on your record, so just learn from it and do your best to avoid getting into trouble again. You'll be just fine!

6 months ago

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