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What are some popular summer programs at Indiana University?

Hi, I'm interested in attending a summer program at Indiana University to explore my interests and potential majors. What are some popular programs that you recommend for high school juniors? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! Indiana University offers several summer programs for high school juniors to explore their interests and potential majors. Here are a few popular ones to consider:

1. Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program (SEP): This is a one-week residential program aimed at underrepresented high school students interested in the biological and physical sciences. Participants engage in hands-on activities, connect with faculty and current students, and learn about career opportunities in these fields.

2. Kelley School of Business Young Women's Institute: This program is designed specifically for female high school juniors who want to explore majors and careers in the business field. Participants attend workshops, engage in business simulations, learn from Kelley School faculty and professionals, and network with current students and alumni.

3. Theatre & Drama High School Summer Workshop: In this intensive program, students immerse themselves in theatre and drama, developing skills in acting, voice, movement, and design. Participants attend classes, rehearse, and perform in a workshop production, working closely with IU Theatre & Dance faculty and staff.

4. Pre-College Summer Arts Program: This three-week residential program is for high school students interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, including Studio Art, Graphic Design, Art History, and Arts Management. Students engage in coursework, critiques, and workshops while building a portfolio of their artwork.

When selecting a program, consider your interests and goals as well as the program's length, cost, and application requirements. Summer programs can be a fantastic opportunity to explore potential majors and gain insight into the college experience. Good luck and have fun exploring the programs at Indiana University!

6 months ago

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