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Tutoring as an extracurricular activity?

I've been tutoring kids in my neighborhood for a while, and I was wondering if tutoring would look good on my college applications. Should I include it as one of my extracurricular activities?

6 months ago

Absolutely, tutoring is a valuable extracurricular activity to include on your college applications. It showcases a number of positive qualities, such as leadership, communication skills, and a commitment to helping others. Additionally, tutoring can highlight your expertise in a specific subject area.

When listing tutoring as an extracurricular activity on your application, make sure to provide important details that will help convey the impact you had on the students you tutored. This could include the number of hours you spent tutoring per week, how many students you tutored, their age range, and any noticeable improvements they made as a result of your guidance. If you received any feedback or testimonials from the students or their parents, consider including those as well.

Remember, colleges value quality over quantity when it comes to extracurricular activities, and tutoring can be a meaningful and impactful addition to your application. Just be sure to also include other activities that demonstrate a variety of your skills and interests. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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