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Elks Scholarship: Need-based or Merit-based?

Hi everyone, I'm looking into scholarships and I came across the Elks National Foundation Scholarship. Is it a need-based or merit-based scholarship? Anyone have experience applying for it?

6 months ago

Hi there! The Elks National Foundation offers multiple scholarship opportunities, with the two main ones being the Most Valuable Student (MVS) scholarship and the Elks National Foundation Legacy Awards.

The MVS scholarship is primarily merit-based, but financial need is also considered to some extent. Meanwhile, the Legacy Awards are strictly merit-based and are available only to children and grandchildren of Elks members.

For the MVS scholarship, applicants are judged based on their academics, leadership, and community service. Although financial need is considered in the selection process, it is not the sole factor. If you're looking to apply, you should focus on demonstrating your academic achievements, participation in extracurricular activities, and commitment to community service.

For the Legacy Awards, recipients are chosen based on a combination of academics, community service, and extracurricular involvement. As the applicant, you do not need to be an Elks member to be eligible, but you must be related to a member in good standing.

In both cases, the application process typically includes submitting an online application along with various documents such as transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation. The deadlines and specific requirements may change yearly, so it's important to visit the Elks National Foundation website for up-to-date information.

To sum up, the Elks National Foundation scholarships are primarily merit-based, but the MVS scholarship also considers financial need. It's a great opportunity for students with strong academics, leadership qualities, and a dedication to community service. Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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