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Ohio State vs University of Michigan: Campus Life

Hi everyone! I'm a high school junior trying to narrow down college options. Can anyone give me some insights on the differences between Ohio State and the University of Michigan in terms of campus life, extracurriculars, and academic opportunities?

6 months ago

Hi there! Both Ohio State and the University of Michigan are large public universities with strong academic offerings, extracurricular opportunities, and unique campus environments. I'll provide a brief comparison of the two for you below:

Campus Life:

Ohio State:

- Located in Columbus, OH, the state's capital, giving you a mix of a large city feel and a college town.

- Buckeye fans are very passionate about their sports, particularly football, and athletic events are often major social gatherings.

- Greek life plays a significant role in the social scene, although not everyone participates.

University of Michigan:

- Located in Ann Arbor, MI, known for being a quintessential college town with a charming downtown and a strong connection to the University.

- Michigan Wolverines are also big on sports, football included; "The Big House" (Michigan Stadium) is one of the largest in the country.

- While Greek life exists, it's not as prominent as at Ohio State, and there's a more diverse range of social opportunities.


Both universities have a wide range of clubs and organizations to join, from special-interest groups to volunteering and community service opportunities. They also both offer prominent club sports and intramural sports programs. It's essential to research specific clubs and activities you're interested in at each school to see which aligns better with your interests.

Academic Opportunities:

Ohio State:

- Offers over 200 majors across 15 colleges.

- Strong programs in business, engineering, and agriculture.

- Access to research opportunities and internships due to the University's proximity to the state capital.

University of Michigan:

- Offers over 265 majors across 19 schools and colleges.

- Renowned for its programs in engineering, business, public health, and social sciences.

- Known for its emphasis on undergraduate research and opportunities for hands-on experience in various disciplines.

Ultimately, the choice between Ohio State and the University of Michigan will depend on the specific academic and extracurricular opportunities you want, the campus vibe you prefer, and your personal career goals. It might be helpful to visit each campus to get a firsthand feel for the environment and to speak with current students and faculty. Good luck in your decision-making process!

6 months ago

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