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Difficulty of the November SAT

I'm planning on taking the SAT and I heard that some test dates might be harder than others. Is the November SAT generally harder compared to other test dates, or is it just a myth? What has been your experience?

6 months ago

The perception that some SAT test dates are harder than others is a widespread myth. The College Board designs the SAT to maintain a consistent level of difficulty across all test dates, and they do this through a process called equating. Equating ensures that a score from one test date is equivalent to a score from another test date, even if one test might be slightly more difficult than the other. So, there's no strategic advantage in choosing a specific test date based on the perceived difficulty.

Rather, any differences between test dates likely come down to a combination of factors, such as how well-prepared a student is, their test-taking strategy, and how they feel on the test day itself. Some students also might find a particular test date's questions to be harder simply because those specific questions happen to align less with their strengths in the subject matter.

I recommend focusing your efforts on preparing well and choosing a test date that works best for your schedule, taking into account factors such as school workload, extracurricular commitments, and the availability of time for preparation. Practice, consistency, and a solid study plan are what will determine your score, not trying to "game" the test by selecting a specific date. Good luck!

6 months ago

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