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What to include in MIT's Additional Information section?

Hi! I'm currently working on my MIT application and I'm not sure if I should utilize the Additional Information section. In your opinion, what kind of details should I include here? Should it be used for explaining any discrepancies in my record or perhaps adding context to the rest of the application?

6 months ago

Hi there! The Additional Information section can be a great place to provide context and clarification for certain aspects of your application that may require some explanation. However, it's important to use this section wisely and not to overload it with information that isn't essential or doesn't add value - this isn't a second personal statement. Here are a few things you might consider including in the Additional Information section:

1. Clarifying discrepancies: If there are any unusual circumstances that may have affected your academic performance or test scores, like an illness or family emergency, this section is where you can explain the situation and its impact on your academics.

2. Providing context: If you have any unique family, personal, or educational situations that have influenced your background and experiences, such as being homeschooled or attending a high school with limited AP courses, you can provide context here to help MIT understand your specific situation.

3. Expanding on accomplishments: If there are important accomplishments or activities that you didn't have enough room to fully explain in the rest of the application, you can use the Additional Information section to elaborate. Focus on significant achievements or involvements that showcase your unique skills, character, or abilities.

4. Highlighting any additional relevant skills or experiences: If you have any additional skills or experiences that did not fit into the main application sections but are still relevant to your field of interest or could contribute to your success at MIT, feel free to include a brief description here.

However, it's important to be concise and focused when you're using the Additional Information section. Don't treat it as a place to repeat information already present in your application or to pad your application with unnecessary details. The goal is to provide MIT with valuable insights or clarifications that can help them better understand your application and make an informed decision.

If you think you have something important to say in the Additional Information section of your MIT application, you can read more about how to communicate it effectively on CollegeVine's blog: https://blog.collegevine.com/additional-information-about-commonapps-additional-information-section.

Good luck with your MIT application!

6 months ago

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