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Is JROTC considered an extracurricular?

Hi all! I'm part of JROTC at my high school and I was wondering if it was considered an extracurricular activity for college applications. If so, how would colleges view this involvement on my app?

6 months ago

Yes, JROTC is definitely considered an extracurricular activity for college applications. As with any extracurricular, colleges will evaluate your involvement in JROTC based on the depth of your commitment, the leadership roles you take on, and any achievements or honors you may receive in the program.

JROTC can be a great way to demonstrate discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills, which are qualities that colleges appreciate. If you've taken on leadership roles within JROTC or have participated in competitions, be sure to highlight those in your activities list, or even dive into greater depth in your personal statement or a supplemental essay, to showcase your dedication and achievements.

Keep in mind that while JROTC may be an important part of your high school experience, it's still essential to have a well-rounded application that shows your interests, skills, and achievements in other areas as well. Admissions committees want to see how you contribute to your school and community in various ways, so don't solely rely on JROTC for your extracurricular activities. Pursue additional passions and engage in other clubs, sports, or activities that can demonstrate your unique strengths and interests, but definitely take pride in your JROTC involvement as well!

6 months ago

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