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ED2 impact on admission chances

Hey everyone! I was wondering if applying Early Decision 2 (ED2) to a college actually increases your chances of getting in compared to applying Regular Decision (RD)? Are there any stats or insights on this?

6 months ago

Hey! Great question about the impact Early Decision 2 (ED2) has on your admission chances. The overall boost in admission chances varies depending on the specific school, but the general consensus is that applying ED2 does somewhat improve your chances when compared to Regular Decision (RD).

Applying ED2 signals to the college that they are one of your top choices, although they do know you may have applied ED1 elsewhere and not been accepted. However, colleges still appreciate knowing that you're committed to attending if accepted since it helps increase their yield (the percentage of accepted students who enroll).

While the exact advantage of applying ED2 varies from school to school, the boost it provides may not be as significant as ED1, partly because ED1 is the strongest indication of interest you can make, and partly because of simple logistics: some of the spots in the class have already been filled through ED1. However, ED2 does still typically offer a higher acceptance rate than RD.

Keep in mind that applying ED2, like ED1, is a binding commitment. If you're accepted, you'll be expected to enroll at that institution and withdraw your applications to other schools. So, you should be absolutely certain about your choice and consider whether you're comfortable with the financial implications.

In short, applying ED2 may not boost your chances as much as ED1, but still gives you a leg up compared to RD. Good luck!

6 months ago

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