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Plagiarism on transcripts?

Just a random question I had – does an instance of plagiarism go on your transcript? And if so, how negatively does having it on there impact your college admissions chances? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

It depends on your school's policies regarding academic dishonesty and how they choose to record such incidents. Some schools may note plagiarism on a transcript, while others may not. In some cases, they may include the incident in a letter of recommendation or counselor's report.

If plagiarism is recorded on your transcript or mentioned in a letter, it can have a negative impact on your college admissions chances. Colleges value academic integrity and depend on the authenticity of students' work. They are looking for students who have demonstrated strong ethical and moral values.

The severity of the impact also depends on the extent of the plagiarism and how the instance was dealt with by your school. If it was a minor incident and you've demonstrated growth and learning from the experience, it may not be as damaging as a more serious or repeated offense. Moreover, if you have a strong overall application, the impact might be somewhat mitigated.

It's important to be honest about any incidents of plagiarism and make sure to take responsibility for your actions. If given the opportunity, it's helpful to convey your understanding of why it was wrong and to highlight the steps you've taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. Reflecting on the incident and demonstrating personal growth can help reassure colleges that you understand the importance of academic integrity and have learned from the experience.

6 months ago

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