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Is a 14 ACT Score Really That Bad?

Just got my ACT score back and it's a 14. I'm freaking out, is this score considered really bad? What can I do to improve my score substantially before I apply to colleges? Any advice or study tips would be greatly appreciated.

6 months ago

A 14 on the ACT is considered below average, as the average score usually falls between 20 and 21. However, don't panic! You still have time and resources available to help you improve your score before applying to colleges.

To start, take a deep dive into understanding the ACT and its sections. Review the material for each section (English, Math, Reading, and Science), focusing on the areas you struggled with the most. Create a study plan that targets these areas, dedicating time each day for review.

Next, take advantage of free and low-cost resources to help you prepare for the test. Websites like Khan Academy and ACT.org offer free practice questions and resources. Additionally, consider purchasing an ACT prep book or borrowing one from your local library. These books usually contain subject reviews, practice tests, and strategies for each section. You may also want to find a study group or seek additional tutoring to help with specific topics.

Practice makes perfect, so take as many practice tests as you can find. Simulate testing conditions by taking the exams in a quiet, well-lit environment and adhering to the test's time constraints. After each practice test, analyze your mistakes and identify areas that need more improvement. As you practice, you'll become more familiar with the test format and gain a better understanding of the types of questions asked.

Finally, consider taking the test more than once. Many students find that their scores improve significantly the second time around, as they are more familiar with the process and what to expect on test day. Keep in mind that colleges will typically consider your highest score.

Don't be too discouraged by your initial score – with dedication and hard work, you can improve your ACT score substantially before applying to colleges. Stay positive and committed to your study plan, and you'll likely see progress over time. Good luck!

6 months ago

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