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Thoughts on the National Junior Pulitzer Essay Contest?

Hey guys, I recently found out about the National Junior Pulitzer Essay Contest, and I think it sounds pretty cool. Does anybody have any experience with this competition? How prestigious is it in the college admissions process?

6 months ago

Hey there! The National Junior Pulitzer Essay Contest is definitely an interesting opportunity for high school students to showcase their writing skills. While I don't have personal experience with the contest, I can try to give you some insight into its significance in the college admissions process.

The contest is relatively prestigious and competitive, as it attracts many talented young writers from across the country. Winning or placing in the contest would likely fall under a Tier 2 extracurricular activity, as it demonstrates high levels of achievement and may even attract some regional or national recognition.

In the college admissions process, participating in such contests can definitely provide a boost to your application, as it demonstrates your commitment to writing and your ability to excel in a competitive environment. Additionally, if you write an exceptional essay and receive recognition for it, that could potentially strengthen your application even more, especially if you're considering majoring in a writing-related field.

However, ultimately, the impact on your application will depend on how you balance this activity with your other extracurriculars, academic performance, and overall application profile. While winning or placing in the contest can add value to your application, it's important to remember that colleges are looking for well-rounded students who not only excel in their specific areas of interest, but also contribute to their community and possess strong character traits.

Good luck if you decide to enter the contest, and make sure to continue exploring and pursuing other extracurriculars that align with your passions and long-term goals!

6 months ago

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