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How to answer 'contributing to diversity' essays?

I'm working on my college application essays and came across this prompt asking about how I can contribute to the diversity of the school. I'm unsure of what exactly they're looking for and what examples to use. Can anyone share some tips or experiences with this specific essay topic? Thanks!

6 months ago

When approaching an essay on this topic it's important to keep in mind that diversity extends beyond just race, ethnicity, or religion. Colleges are looking for applicants who can bring a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to their campus community. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling response:

1. Reflect on your personal experiences and background. Think about what sets you apart from others, such as your upbringing, unique cultural background, life experiences, special hobbies/interests, or personal beliefs.

2. Consider not only what makes you diverse but also how your diversity can positively impact the school community. What can you offer that enhances the learning environment, sparks conversation, or broadens perspectives?

3. Focus on specific examples. Instead of providing a generic response about valuing diversity, use concrete examples of how you have contributed to diverse environments in the past or how you plan to do so in the future. For example, perhaps you've organized cultural events at your school, volunteered with underprivileged communities, or engaged in conversations with people from different backgrounds to learn from their experiences. Make sure to explain this.

4. Be authentic and honest in your response. Avoid trying to fit into a specific mold or feeling pressured to conform to a particular idea of diversity. Instead, simply share your own perspective and how it can enrich the college community.

5. Show growth and self-awareness. If you've learned from the various experiences you've had or developed a greater understanding of the value of diversity, be sure to discuss these insights in your essay.

An example response could highlight your background as a first-generation student and your experience navigating both your family's culture and the mainstream American culture. You could explain how your unique experiences have shaped your empathy for others and how you plan to use this acquired understanding to create inclusive spaces on campus. By drawing upon your own personal experiences, you can provide a genuine and compelling response to the diversity prompt.

6 months ago

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