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Notre Dame v Boston College?

Hey guys, I'm having a hard time deciding between Notre Dame and Boston College for my future applications. Can anyone provide a comparison of both in terms of academics, campus life, and extracurricular opportunities?

6 months ago

In terms of academics, both Notre Dame and Boston College are prestigious institutions, and you can't go wrong with either. Notre Dame, a Catholic research university, is slightly more well-known and ranks higher in national rankings. It is known for its business, engineering, and liberal arts programs. Boston College, a Catholic Jesuit research university, has strong programs in finance, political science, nursing, and communication. While both universities share a foundation in Catholic values, this may be more prominent in the classroom at Notre Dame.

For campus life, Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana, and its campus features a picturesque landscape with iconic buildings, such as the Golden Dome and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It has a vibrant campus culture, with tons of school spirit and a supportive community. Athletics play a significant role in student life, with football games being a major event in the fall. Boston College, located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, offers a blend of suburban vibes with easy access to the city of Boston. The college is known for its Gothic architecture and beautifully landscaped campus. Social life at Boston College is active, and many students are involved in clubs and organizations.

Extracurricular opportunities at both schools are plentiful. Notre Dame offers over 400 clubs and organizations, with opportunities for involvement in student government, community service, cultural clubs, and more. Additionally, Notre Dame has a strong commitment to service-learning and offers opportunities like the Center for Social Concerns to engage students in community-based initiatives. Boston College presents ample extracurricular offerings through over 300 clubs and organizations, including service groups, academic clubs, and recreational sports. The college also encourages service and social action, and students can participate in various volunteer opportunities through the campus ministry or other organizations.

In conclusion, both Notre Dame and Boston College provide excellent academics, vibrant campus life, and numerous extracurricular opportunities. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and goals. Consider factors such as location, size, academic strengths, overall campus culture, and the importance of religious influences in your education when making your decision. It may also be helpful to visit both campuses in person, if possible, or attend a virtual tour to get a sense of which school feels like a better fit. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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