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Scholarships for an 18 ACT score?

My ACT score is 18, and I'm wondering if there are any scholarships available for someone with my score. Any recommendations or resources where I can find scholarships based on ACT range?

6 months ago

While an 18 ACT score might not qualify you for merit-based scholarships that are explicitly tied to high standardized test scores, there are still many other scholarships available that prioritize other criteria. These scholarships often focus on factors such as leadership, community service, or career aspirations.

I recommend researching and applying for scholarships that are not solely based on test scores. Some examples of these types of scholarships include:

1. Community and local scholarships: Many local businesses, organizations, and foundations offer scholarships to students from their community. Check with your high school guidance counselor or college financial aid office for a list of local scholarships.

2. Scholarships based on interests, fields of study, or hobbies: Some organizations offer scholarships to students pursuing specific careers, majoring in certain fields, or demonstrating a talent in a particular area (e.g., art, music, writing, etc.). Look for scholarships related to your interests and future goals.

3. Need-based scholarships: These scholarships are awarded based on financial need, and some may even prioritize applicants without high test scores. Check with the colleges you are applying to, as well as state and federal resources for need-based scholarships.

4. Essay-based scholarships: These scholarships typically require applicants to write an original essay on a selected topic. Essay contests provide an opportunity for students to showcase their writing abilities and creativity, regardless of their test scores.

To find these scholarships, start by using online scholarship search engines, such as Fastweb, Cappex, or CollegeVine's scholarship database. You can tailor your search by inputting information about your interests, background, and accomplishments. Additionally, consult your high school's guidance counselor for specific opportunities and advice on finding scholarships that are a good fit for you.

Remember, applying for scholarships is a numbers game, and every little bit counts. Be proactive in your search and cast a wide net by applying to as many scholarships as possible. Best of luck!

6 months ago

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