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What does SCEA stand for in the college admissions process?

Hey everyone, I recently came across the term 'SCEA' while researching college applications. Can someone please explain what it means and how it's different from other application types? I'd really appreciate it!

6 months ago

Hi there! SCEA stands for Single Choice Early Action. It's an early application option offered by some colleges, such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, that allows you to apply to one school early, typically by November 1st, with a decision usually released in mid-December. While SCEA shares similarities with Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED), there are a few key differences.

In SCEA, you can only apply to that one school early; you cannot submit an early application to any other private colleges during that cycle. However, you can still apply to other public institutions early if they have an Early Action or Rolling Admissions process.

The significant aspect of SCEA is that it's non-binding, meaning if you're admitted, you don't have to commit to the school immediately. You have until the regular decision deadline (usually May 1st) to decide, allowing you time to compare admissions offers and financial aid packages from other schools. In contrast, Early Decision is a binding agreement where you pledge to enroll if accepted, and you can only apply ED to one school. Early Action, like SCEA, is non-binding, but you are allowed to apply to multiple schools early under EA rules.

6 months ago

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