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Uncommon argumentative essay topics for college apps?

Hi everyone! I want to stand out with my college essays, and I'm trying to brainstorm some really unique and uncommon argumentative essay topics. Anyone have any suggestions or mind sharing what they've written about? Thanks for the help!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's great you want to take a unique approach for your college essays. Creating a compelling argumentative essay is an interesting way to grab attention and showcase your writing skills. Here are a few uncommon argumentative essay topics that you could consider:

1. The Ethics of Space Colonization: You could argue for or against the colonization of other planets, considering factors such as sustainability, relocation of humans, and potential harm to other ecosystems.

2. Internet Privacy and Anonymity: Discuss whether an anonymous online presence is beneficial or detrimental to society, considering aspects such as personal safety and potential abuse.

3. The Impact of Electronic Music on Emerging Genres: You could argue how electronic elements have expanded musical horizons or reduced originality within different genres due to its widespread use.

4. The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media Activism: Discuss whether social media activism has done more good or harm by offering a platform for underrepresented voices or sensationalizing social issues.

5. The Pros and Cons of Universal Basic Income: Delve into the complexities surrounding universal basic income, debating its potential benefits and drawbacks in terms of economic sustainability, workforce motivations, and social equality.

6. Food Waste Reduction Strategies: Take a stance on the arguable and impactful measures on curbing food waste, such as mandatory food donation programs, "ugly produce" campaigns, or reducing overconsumption.

7. Modern Art and Its Value in Society: Make an argument about whether modern art has a meaningful place in society or if it's a byproduct of commercialization that lacks intrinsic value.

6 months ago

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