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Searching for a UMich LOCI Example

Hi guys, I got waitlisted at UMich and I want to send a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) to increase my chances of getting in. Can anyone share a good example or any tips on writing a superb LOCI for UMich?

6 months ago

Hi there! It's essential to write a sincere and well-crafted Letter of Continued Interest when trying to increase your chances of getting off the waitlist. Here are some tips and a general outline for writing a LOCI for UMich:

1. Start with a personal greeting: Address your letter to the specific admissions officer who signed your waitlist letter or the regional officer who oversees your area.

2. Thank them for the opportunity: Express your gratitude for being considered and placed on the waitlist. It shows that you appreciate their time and effort in reviewing your application.

3. Reiterate your interest: State why UMich remains your top choice. Mention unique aspects of the university that appeal to you, such as programs, clubs, or experiences you look forward to pursuing. Be as specific as possible, demonstrating the research you've done on the university.

4. Update them on any achievements, experiences, or developments: Include anything significant that has happened since your initial application submission, such as awards, grades, new extracurricular activities, or leadership positions.

5. OPTIONAL: Address shortcomings: If you feel there was a weakness in your application or received feedback on an area that could be improved, briefly mention it, but emphasize the steps you've taken to grow and develop in that area.

6. Show off your fit for UMich: If possible, tie your recent achievements or experiences back into why they make you an excellent fit for UMich's programs or community.

7. Offer to provide further information: Let the admissions office know that you're more than willing to provide any additional information that could help in their decision-making process.

8. Conclude the letter: End your LOCI by once again expressing your gratitude and genuine excitement at the prospect of attending UMich.

Remember to keep your letter concise (around one page) and proofread carefully. Your LOCI should demonstrate your strong enthusiasm for UMich, while highlighting your improved candidacy since your initial application.

Good luck, and I hope this helps you craft a compelling Letter of Continued Interest!

6 months ago

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