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UIUC Bousfield Hall or other dorms?

Hello everyone! If I end up attending UIUC, I'm considering living in Bousfield Hall, but what's it like compared to other dorms on campus? Can someone give me some pros and cons? Also, how are the shared bathrooms in UIUC dorms? Super curious! Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! I can help you compare Bousfield Hall to other dorms at UIUC. Bousfield Hall, part of the Ikenberry Commons, is quite popular among students due to its newer facilities and suite-style living. It's more expensive than some other dorms, but many students enjoy the privacy and atmosphere it provides.

Pros of Bousfield Hall:

1. Suite-style living: Suites house four students, with two bedrooms (you'll share with one roommate), a living room, and a semi-private bathroom.

2. Modern amenities: Being a newer building, Bousfield is equipped with central air conditioning, carpeted rooms, and laundry facilities.

3. Location: It's close to dining halls, fitness centers, and the heart of campus, so you don't have to worry about long walks to classes.

Cons of Bousfield Hall:

1. Price: Bousfield Hall is generally more expensive than traditional dorms due to its amenities and suite-style layout.

2. Availability: As a popular dorm, it might be harder to secure a spot in Bousfield.

In terms of shared bathrooms at UIUC, the experience can vary across different dorms. Bousfield's shared bathrooms are considered cleaner and more private than traditional dorms, as you'll share with only three other suitemates. In more traditional dorms, communal bathrooms are available on each floor, and they're regularly cleaned. However, you'll be sharing them with a larger number of students, so privacy and cleanliness can be more variable.

Overall, Bousfield Hall is a great choice if you prefer suite-style living and modern amenities. But there are other dorms like Nugent Hall (also in Ikenberry Commons) if you want a similar experience. Make sure to weigh your preferences and budget before making a decision. Good luck!

6 months ago

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