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Share a time when you were awestruck

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone could share an example of a time when they were awestruck that they wrote about in a college essay? Just looking for some inspiration, thanks!

6 months ago

Hey! I wrote about a time when I visited the Grand Canyon on a family road trip. The way I described this awe-inspiring moment was focusing on the way the vastness of the canyon seemed to swallow me up, making me feel infinitely small yet infinitely connected to the earth at the same time.

I talked about the way the colors of the canyon changed as the sun moved across the sky, and the eroded layers of rock that told the story of millions of years of natural history. It made me contemplate my own place in the world and realize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the earth for generations to come.

This experience inspired me to become more passionate about environmental issues and led me to volunteer for conservation projects in my community. In my essay, I expressed how this moment of awe translated into action, allowing me to connect this personal experience to a broader theme. I hope this example helps ignite some inspiration for your own essay!

6 months ago

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