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How are the bathrooms in UCLA dorms?

I've heard mixed things about the bathroom situations in UCLA dorms. Can anyone provide an overview of what the bathrooms are like? Are they communal or suite-style depending on the dorm? Any info would be appreciated!

6 months ago

The bathroom situation in UCLA dorms can vary depending on the type of housing you choose, so it's good to get an idea of what to expect. There are three main types of dorms at UCLA: classic residence halls, deluxe residence halls, and suite-style residence halls. Each has different bathroom setups.

1. Classic residence halls: These are the traditional dorms where you'll find communal bathrooms. These bathrooms are usually located at the end of a hallway, serving an entire floor or wing of the building. The facilities are co-ed by stall or shower, with several toilet and shower stalls, as well as sinks available in a common area. They are regularly cleaned by the university staff.

2. Deluxe residence halls: These dorms have a slightly different layout. Instead of one communal bathroom for an entire floor, they have smaller communal bathrooms that serve clusters of rooms. This means fewer people will be sharing the same bathroom, and it can feel a bit more private compared to the classic halls. The facilities in deluxe halls are also co-ed by stall or shower and are cleaned by the university staff.

3. Suite-style residence halls: These dorms consist of suites where 2-4 student rooms share a bathroom within the suite. The bathroom will usually have a shower, toilet, and sink, and is shared among the students living in the suite. Responsibility for cleaning the bathroom in the suite-style halls typically falls on the residents in that suite.

Some students prefer the privacy of suite-style bathrooms, while others are fine with communal setups in classic or deluxe halls. It's a matter of personal preference and comfort level. Regardless of the type of dorm you end up in, keeping a shower caddy with your toiletries together and wearing shower shoes can help make using shared bathrooms more comfortable.

I hope this provides a clear overview of the bathroom situations in UCLA dorms!

6 months ago

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