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Selective summer programs worth it?

Hey y'all! I've been looking into selective summer programs for before my senior year, but I'm not sure if it's worth the time and effort. Do colleges value these experiences? What impact did attending a selective summer program have on your college applications?

6 months ago

Hey! Selective summer programs can be excellent opportunities to dive deeper into your interests, develop new skills, and demonstrate your commitment to a particular subject. Colleges do appreciate seeing students who have actively sought out these types of experiences, as it shows motivation and intellectual curiosity.

Attending a selective summer program can have a positive impact on your college applications, especially if it aligns with your intended major or a specific passion you have. Participating in these programs can help you stand out and give you a unique perspective to write about in your application essays.

Moreover, selective programs typically offer greater networking opportunities since you're surrounded by like-minded students and professionals in the field. These connections can be valuable for obtaining letters of recommendation, internships, and even future job opportunities.

Keep in mind that there are many other ways to make your application stand out, so if attending a summer program isn't feasible for you, there are plenty of other options to consider.

If you do decide to attend a selective summer program, make sure it's one that genuinely interests you and aligns with your long-term goals. Ultimately, the experience should be more about personal growth and enrichment than just having an impressive addition to your application. Good luck!

6 months ago

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