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Is Reading Considered an Extracurricular Activity?

Hey everyone! I've always loved reading, and it's been a big part of my life. Can reading be considered an extracurricular activity for college apps, or should I focus on something else in addition to my love for reading?

6 months ago

Hello! Reading can definitely be considered as an extracurricular activity for college applications. However, to make it stand out, it's important to demonstrate how your passion for reading has translated into meaningful experiences or achievements.

For example, you might consider discussing how your love for reading led you to join a book club at school or in your community. Additionally, taking on a leadership role within the group could show that you're actively engaged and committed to this interest. Similarly, if you've participated in any literature-related competitions such as writing book reviews, poetry contests, or literary events, be sure to include those experiences as well.

Beyond these more traditional avenues, you might also think creatively about how to express your passion for reading in a unique and engaging way. For instance, you could organize a reading event or book drive for a local charity or library, start a blog or podcast discussing your favorite books, or create a social media account dedicated to book recommendations and reviews.

In addition to highlighting your passion for reading, it's essential to show a well-rounded application by participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. Although reading can be a valuable and interesting aspect of your application, admissions officers will also want to see your involvement in other areas, such as sports, community service, or clubs.

In summary, reading can certainly be considered an extracurricular activity, but it's vital to present it in a way that shows meaningful experiences, achievements, or initiatives stemming from your love for reading. Remember to diversify your extracurricular involvement to showcase a wide range of skills and interests. Good luck!

6 months ago

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