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Need ideas for speech topics related to academics!

Hey everyone! I have to do a question of fact speech for one of my high school classes. Can you guys suggest something interesting, related to the college process or current academic topics? I'd like to make it both informative and engaging. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! I've got a few ideas for question of fact speech topics related to the college process and current academic issues. Hopefully, one of these will spark your interest:

1. The impact of test-optional policies on college admissions: With many colleges and universities moving towards test-optional policies in recent years, discuss the reasons behind this shift and how it affects the admissions landscape. You can also explore if it increases access for underrepresented groups and provides a more holistic evaluation process.

2. The role of mental health in the transition from high school to college: Touch upon the stressors that high school seniors face, such as academic expectations and social pressures, and how these factors contribute to mental health challenges. You can also discuss resources available to help students navigate these mental health challenges and ways to promote a healthier transition.

3. The changing landscape of financial aid in higher education: Discuss how financial aid policies have evolved over the years, such as increases in need-based aid, changes to merit aid, and the various types of loans and work-study programs. Explore the implications of these changes for students, families, and colleges.

4. The benefits and drawbacks of online education in the wake of the pandemic: Analyze how the shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted students' educational experiences, particularly in relation to the college process. Discuss the pros and cons of online learning, focusing on factors such as accessibility, engagement, and learning outcomes.

I hope this gets your wheels turning!

6 months ago

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