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Cool research essay topics related to high school life

Hey all, for my writing class, we're tasked with writing a research essay on a topic of our choice. I'd like to focus on something related to high school life or the college admissions process. Can anyone suggest some cool topics that I could explore?

6 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're looking to focus on high school life or the college admissions process. Here are a few unique topics you could explore for your research essay:

1. The impact of grade inflation on college admissions: Analyze how the trend of increasing GPAs has affected the college admissions process and the value of a high GPA in the eyes of admissions officers.

2. The role of standardized testing in college admissions: Explore the ongoing debate surrounding the importance of standardized test scores in college admissions, as well as recent changes and the movement toward test-optional policies.

3. Mental health in high school students: Research the various factors contributing to mental health issues amongst high school students and how schools are responding to this growing concern.

4. Extracurricular involvement and its influence on college admissions: Delve into the importance of extracurricular activities in the college admissions process and how well-rounded involvement vs. specializing in a specific field (called a 'spike') can impact a student's chances of acceptance.

5. Changing trends in early decision and early action applications: Investigate the growth and implications of early decision/early action applicants, how it affects both applicants and colleges, and whether it confers a significant advantage in the admissions process.

6. The role of essays in college admissions: Explore the significance of personal statements and supplemental essays in the application process, and how they help differentiate applicants in a highly competitive pool.

7. The impact of social media on college admissions: Examine the role of social media in high school students' lives and how it can both positively and negatively influence their applications and college experiences.

8. Financial aid availability and its effect on college choice: Investigate the role of financial aid in the college application process and how it can either enable or limit a student's choice of institution.

Remember to pick a topic that genuinely interests you, so you'll be more engaged in the research and enjoy the writing process. Good luck with your research essay!

6 months ago

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