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Examples of leadership experience for high school students?

Hi everyone! I'm a high school junior and I want to improve my leadership skills. Can anyone provide examples of leadership experiences that I could possibly get involved in, either inside or outside of school? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're looking to develop your leadership skills. There are many opportunities in which you can get involved both inside and outside of school. Here are a few examples to consider:

1. Student government: Run for a leadership position, such as class representative, treasurer, vice-president, or president. Being part of the student government enables you to make decisions for your school and represents your student body.

2. Club leadership: Join a club that interests you and aim to become an officer. Positions typically include president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. If a club doesn't exist for your interest, consider starting a new club and serving as its founder and president.

3. Sports team captain: If you're involved in a sports team, strive to become team captain. This will help you develop leadership skills in managing, motivating, and organizing your teammates.

4. Community service: Get involved with local non-profit organizations or community centers. Volunteer your time and aim to take on a leadership or coordinator role for projects or events.

5. Peer tutoring or mentoring: Start a tutoring or mentoring program at your school, or join an existing one. Offer help to your peers in subjects you excel in or be a mentor to younger students.

6. Organizing events: Plan and execute school events such as dances, fundraisers, or talent shows. This can involve working with other students, teachers, or school administrators to ensure the event runs smoothly.

7. Youth leadership programs: Many organizations offer youth leadership programs and workshops, such as Rotary's RYLA or HOBY, which help develop your leadership skills through activities, seminars, and networking.

6 months ago

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