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How long to wait for SAT results?

I'm taking the SAT in the upcoming year and I'm curious about the timeline for getting results back. How long does it usually take to receive your SAT scores after the test date? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

After taking the SAT, you can generally expect to receive your multiple-choice scores about two weeks after your test date. Meanwhile, if you took the optional SAT Essay, you'll likely receive your essay score within the following few days. College Board releases scores in batches, so you might receive yours slightly earlier or later than two weeks, but that's the general timeline.

Once your scores are available, you'll be able to access them online through your College Board account. If you opted for paper score reports, those will be sent via mail shortly after your scores are released online.

Keep in mind that it's essential to plan for this scoring timeline when considering college application deadlines. Make sure to take the SAT early enough so that your scores will be ready in time to submit your applications, and consider leaving some extra time in case you want to retake the test to improve your score. Good luck on your SAT!

6 months ago

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