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What is a parent rave sheet?

I came across the term 'parent rave sheet' while researching college applications. What is it, and how is it used in the admissions process?

6 months ago

A parent rave sheet, also known as a parent brag sheet or parent statement, is a document prepared by the parent or guardian of a college applicant, which aims to provide more context and personal insight into the student's accomplishments, strengths, and characteristics. It serves as a supplementary resource for the applicant's high school counselor or teacher as they write their letter of recommendation.

While not all high schools require a parent rave sheet, many do request it to help the counselor or teacher form a well-rounded perspective of the student and make the letter of recommendation more detailed and personalized. This document can include information about the student's personal growth, unique qualities, challenges they have faced, and any other aspects that the parent feels would be relevant and valuable to a college admissions officer.

A parent rave sheet is not directly submitted to colleges and isn't part of the official application. Instead, it helps the recommender write a more compelling, accurate, and unique letter by providing insights that might be overlooked in the student's transcripts or self-reported activities.

When preparing a parent rave sheet, it's important to focus on specific examples or anecdotes that showcase the student's character, determination, or individual strengths. This will enable the recommender to include precise and engaging anecdotes in the letter of recommendation, which can effectively highlight the applicant's attributes and set them apart from other candidates.

6 months ago

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