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SAT score send fee waiver

Hey everyone! Does anyone know if there's an option for fee waivers when sending SAT scores to colleges? I'm trying to manage my costs, and I'd really appreciate some tips or guidance about any kind of fee waiver process for sending SAT scores.

6 months ago

Hey! Yes, there is an option for fee waivers when sending SAT scores to colleges. If you have taken the SAT with a fee waiver, you'll automatically receive four free score sends per test registration. As long as you send your scores within your registration's eligible time period, you can save on submiting scores costs. You can use these free score sends to send your scores to colleges, universities, or scholarship organizations.

If you've already used your free score sends or you didn't take the SAT with a fee waiver, you can try reaching out to the colleges you're interested in and explain your financial situation. Sometimes colleges can provide a waiver code for score sends or allow you to self-report your scores during the application process.

Also, check with your school counselor, as they may have additional information or resources to help you with managing costs. Remember that fee waivers for sending scores are just one aspect of minimizing application costs — you should also look into fee waivers for college applications and financial aid opportunities. Good luck!

6 months ago

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